Java: United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabian Culture

Topics: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jeddah Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Case Analysis – Java Lounge
International business and information technology are two important aspects of globalization. We live in a world that requires culture awareness, which is also the first step in doing international business. In the case The Java Lounge – Adjusting to Saudi Arabian Culture, the business has been successful because its entrepreneurs spent time and money to research their expectation that enough Saudis had become sufficiently westernized and affluent to frequent the restaurant. Its entrepreneurs have maintained strong culture awareness and had put them into actions.

The Java Lounge had gone through culture collisions. Foreigners often find Saudi laws and customs at odds with their own value systems. For example, Saudi culture limits male-female interaction. That explains why the city of Jeddah was chosen to locate the Java Lounge – it was a port and it enjoyed more contact with foreigners and was less conservative than much of the rest of the country. The dress codes are more relaxed thus more acceptable to foreigners. If the location was chosen to be in a traditional place, it would not have been this successful. The culture collision would be so huge that it is hard for other cultures to digest and get close to. Thus when a company such as the Java Lounge implements practices, they would be less effective. Also, the employees as well as gusts would encounter difficulties in accepting or adjusting to foreign behaviors, which would cause unnecessary confusions and conflicts.

Religion plays a key role in Saudi’s culture and religion is a cultural stabilizer. As the book says, many strong values are the result of a dominant religion. A good religion would make the nation united and its people strong. What is more, religion plays a part in business. In Saudi, religious proscriptions prohibit pork products, alcohol, and live music at the Lava Lounge. In the holy period of Ramadan, when people fast during the day, the restaurant serves...
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