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The Object-Oriented Analysis - Milestone I
Software Project Management Tool


The project entitled “Software Project Management Tool” deals with the various levels of project development and will account for time used in analysis, design, programming, testing and verification etc.

It is well known fact that software companies undertake huge projects more than one at a time. Hence there is a profound need for the organizations to manage all the projects efficiently and ensure that projects cycle goes on smoothly and they are completed on time.

During the life time of a project, the Organization has to commemorate all the activities of the project. This tool makes it easier for the Organization to monitor the project. It maintains records and tracks various parameters that influence software project development process and helps the management to take decisions at various stages of project development.

The product will assist the Organization in maintaining record of every project it undertakes. All the information relevant to the projects like size, time, effort and departments involved, etc is maintained by this tool.

Project Location: Research Center Imarat, RCI, India

1. Introduction
2.1 Project Description
2.2 Software / Platform Used
2.3 Summary of Interview
2.4 Existing Forms, Data Collection, User and Functional Requirements 2. Use cases of the Project
3.5 Scenarios and use cases
3.6 System Model
3.7 Problem Statement and Selected good classes
3. User interface design
4. Class Model
5. State Model
6.8 State diagram for each non – trivial class
6.9 Event description for non – trivial object classes 6.10 Final State Model
6. Interaction Model

1. Introduction
SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL deals with the various levels of project development and will account for time used in phases viz analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation etc. 2.1 Project Description :

SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL gives the management clear picture of usage of time by projects. By analyzing the results provided by the software they might rectify the defects in utilizing time and take remedial actions. It takes timesheet reports as input. SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL gives the individual report of the project, which contains time used for various tasks. In this tool CLIENT gives requirements to the BDO and makes an agreement with him. The new project information is entered by the BDO, based on the project information the PROJECT MANAGER will take resources from the HR and assign activities to DEVELOPERS who are working under him. Employees fill the time sheet and complete the task assigned to them. These completed tasks are tested and finally the project is submitted to the client. This project deals with five modules – Client, Bussiness development officer (BDO), Developer, Human Resource Manager (HR), Project manager (PM). Client deals with checking the status of the project by the client. Only the authenticated client login to the web page and checks in which phase the project is. BDO deals with collecting the requirements from the client and add the client details and project details into the database and also views and updates the respective details. Developer deals with filling the timesheets, updating and viewing the timesheets and also checking the project status. HR deals with providing resources to the project manager by checking the employee details like skill and designation. HR can also view the status of the project. PM deals with planning the project i.e. dividing the project into different tasks and assigning those tasks to the developers. PM also checks the timesheets of developers, fills his timesheet, updates and views the timesheet. PM can also check the status of the project. Software Project Management Tool (SPMT) will do the following tasks: •...
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