Java Garage Application

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JAVA Garage Application

I. The Application Story

This Desktop Application helps the garage making its schedule, taking customers’ booking and matching each particular job with a qualified mechanic according to its availability within opening and closing time.


The opening hours being Monday to Saturday from 8am till 6pm: • Job standard slot last 1 hour
• Latest available slot is 5pm

A MOT can only be performed by MOT certified mechanics.

• The user can only be the manager so at this point we haven’t included personal login. • We assume the Price is not related into Application. • As well Inventory and supplies are not currently considered for this Desktop Application. • We assume that main view is based on Current Day and future options for views based on Weeks and Months.

• Accepts Manager’s Input after entering sequence of details for a Booking. • Assigning timeslot and mechanic to booking.
• Bookings are added to the BookingBook (which lists all appointments made for the garage) • Displays a Calendar/Agenda.
• Displays a list of bookings (job list) for any given date • Displays a list of bookings (job list) between any given dates • Displays a list of jobs based on the selected service type • Displays a list of jobs for a selected mechanic

• Displays a list of jobs for a selected customer

Candidate for Classes
1. Booking
2. Job Type
3. Qualifications
4. Mechanics
5. Customer
6. BookingBook
7. TimeSlot
8. Algorithm


II. Use Cases Description & Realization

Use Case 1: Create a Booking

• System ON
UI is launched.
• User clicks “Create Booking” Button.
o Booking class is invoked.
• System asks User’s input.
o Job Type
▪ Different JobTypes are retrieved from JobType...
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