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Java technology is a high-level programming and a platform independent language. Java is designed to work in the distributed environment on the Internet. Java has a GUI features that  provides you better "look and feel" over the C++  language, moreover it is easier to use than C++ and works on the concept of object-oriented programming model. Java enable us  to play online games, video, audio, chat with people around the world, Banking Application, view 3D image and Shopping Cart. Java find its extensive use in the intranet applications and other e-business solutions that are the grassroots of corporate computing. Java , regarded as the most well described and  planned language  to develop an applications for the Web. Java is a well known technology which allows you for software designed and written  only once for an  "virtual machine" to run on a different  computers, supports various Operating System like Windows PCs, Macintoshes, and Unix computers. On the web aspect, Java is popular on web servers, used  by many of the largest interactive websites. Java is used to create standalone applications which may run on a single computer or in distributed  network. It is also be used to create a small application program based on applet, which is further used for Web page. Applets make easy and possible to interact with the Web page. Java  Preferred Over Other Languages

 The Java is a high-level programming language  that can be supported by all of the following features: Simple| Architecture neutral|
Object oriented| Portable|
Distributed| High performance|
Multithreaded| Robust|
Dynamic| Secure|
Java  has  advantages over other languages and environments that make it suitable for just about any programming task. The advantages of Java are as follows:
* Java is simple, easy to design , easy to write, and therefore easy to compile, debug, and learn than any other programming languages. * Java is object-oriented, that is used to build...
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