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F21AS Advanced Software Engineering Coursework

1 Coursework Overview

This coursework contributes 50% of your mark for the course. The other 50% comes from an examination.

You are required to develop a simulation of customers collecting parcels from a depot. You should work in groups of three, with the group collaborating over the design and implementation of the application.

The coursework has 2 sets of requirements
• functional requirements, which describe WHAT the application should do • software engineering requirements, which describe HOW you should develop the application.

The basic simulation is developed in 2 stages, first concentrating on planning and testing, the second adding in threads and patterns. You write an individual report which gives technical details of some sections of the application, summarises the contribution of each team member, and discusses the development of the whole application.

More precise details are shown in the following sections.

Your mark for the group component will be the group mark scaled by your contribution to the group. This contribution will be assessed by the lecturer according to your own report and the reports of the other members of your team.

For any decisions that your group makes, these decisions and the resulting code should not be identical to that of other groups. You are welcome to discuss the work with other students, but not to copy.

Please read the complete document before starting. In an individual report at the end of stage 2, you are expected to compare the methodologies that you used and discuss any resources used for both stages.

Deadlines and weightings
|Stage 1 |Development Plan | |February 6th 2013 – show lecturer your plan | |Stage 1 |Basic Application |20% |February 20th 2013 – during lab session – show lecturer | | |...
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