Jason vs. Perseus

Topics: Greek mythology, Hera, Jason Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: January 11, 2009
IV- Yakal Aside from their strong will and determination, they were able to surpass all their troubles because of divine intervention. For Perseus, it was an advantage that he was Zeus’ son. He was of divine origin and so he received more help from the gods and goddesses. Whenever he was in danger, his worried father would come to his rescue. Zeus sent deities such as Hermes and Athena to help him. Hermes and Athena provided him with proper equipment which included the sword, and the shield. Also through Hermes’s guidance, he was able to reach the place of the Hyperboreans. They gave him presents like the winged sandals, the magic wallet, and the cap which made the wearer invisible. All these were used to conquer Medusa. He made use of the materials bestowed upon him along with his own strength, courage, and skills. However, Jason had his comrades with him in his journey. On his search for the Golden Fleece, he was under the protection of the goddess Hera. She endowed him and the other Argonauts with courage, and Zeus helped speed them on their way. Hera also begged Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love for help. Aphrodite then sent his son Cupid to make the daughter of the Colchian king, Medea fall in love with Jason. Medea was a great help for she could perform very powerful magic. Jason owed most of his victories to Medea because she was the one who planned and did everything for him. Perseus’ whole life had been an adventure. Even when he wasn’t born yet, his life was already threatened by King Acrisius, his grandfather. He and his mother were locked inside a great chest and cast into the sea to die. Through Zeus’ guidance, they were able to escape sure death and lived peacefully in a place with kind people for many years. Another conflict had come when Polydectes, the ruler of the island, told him about how he badly wanted one of the Gorgons’ head as a wedding gift. Perseus, not being aware that it was actually a plan to lead him to death, went on to search for...
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