Jason Chee

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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ME2 Jason Chee
ME2 Jason Chee Weng Fai, 29, has regained consciousness today after a serious mishap on board a Republic of Singapore Navy warship on Monday, Dec 10. However, with only two fingers left on his remaining right arm, he is now unable to cook for his father, play video games and hold his girlfriend's hand. According to the report in Lianhe Wanbao, ME2 Chee broke down in shock when he woke up and had to be sedated twice. His distraught girlfriend was in tears when she saw him. "How can I hold his hand next time? How do we go out together? How do we go sing karaoke together?" she asked his relatives while in tears. Relatives told the evening paper that ME2 Chee and his girlfriend had planned to celebrate Christmas, go for a meal, sing KTV and watch a movie. ME2 Chee also loved playing video games, but he is unable to do it now. A filial son, ME2 Chee also would prepare a home-cooked meal for his father every night after his mother passed away. ME2 Chee also had plans to continue his studies after his contract in the navy ended -- a mere month away -- when the mishap struck. The weapons systems supervisor, Military Expert 2 Jason Chee, underwent at least two surgeries after his emergency admission to Changi General Hospital. The Republic of Singapore Navy also appealed to its servicemen to donate O+ blood to save the sailor via an internal email last Wednesday, Dec 12. The Singapore Red Cross and Health Sciences Authority announced in a joint statement two days later on Dec 14 that they had received sufficient blood for ME2 Chee's surgeries. According to a report in The Straits Times, Mr Chee had been carrying out a routine check on RSS Endeavour's quarterdeck when he got caught between a motorised winch -- nearly as tall as a man at 1.5m -- and one of the berthing ropes. He lost both his legs, his left arm, and his right arm only has two fingers remaining. Quoting a Defence Ministry official, the daily broadsheet added that fault equipment could have...
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