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Utilization of Tuba-tuba (Jatropha curcas L.) Wastes for Raw Briquettes


Award Received:
1st Place in Agro-Industrial-Technology category in Science, Arts and Business Week. Sy 2010 – 2011

Utilization of Tuba-tuba (Jatropha curcas L.) Wastes for Raw Briquettes


Jason Michael D. Cuaresma
Lawrence C. Darvin
James Russell G. Tolentino

Date: March 25, 2011

In partial fulfillment of requirements in research submitted to Engr. Cherry Bagsit – Villanueva, Christian School International. Sy 2010 – 2011

The authors wishes to express his utmost gratitude to the following people who provided support and guidance in the conduct of the study: Our research teacher Engr. Cherry Bagsit – Villanueva for her technical inputs and detailed attention to the manuscript of the study. Engrs. Belen B. Bisana and Caezar A. Cuaresma, Chief of Biomass Energy and Facilities Engineering Section of Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI), for their guidance and effort in conducting the test on Proximate Chemical Analysis and Crushing Strength Test and efforts in answering technical inquiries from the author was truly exceptional. Mr. Calixto Lulo for his assistance in briquetting our raw material and providing technical informations in proper use of briquettor.

To our principal Mrs. Josephine C. Averion for giving us permit to conduct our experiment at FPRDI. To our family for giving us guidance and financial support, patience, love and prayers; and for their for all the challenges and blessings.


Briquettes from pressed cake bonded with 10% cassava starch, was found to be superior among other materials such as rice hull, corn cobs and kawayan briquettes. Pressed cake showed promising results which conform to the standards set by PHILSA. Based on five properties, 10% binder using pressed cake produced good tuba tuba raw briquette.

Utilization of Tuba-tuba (Jatropha curcas L.) Wastes for Raw Briquettes (Research Proposal)
Jason Cuaresma, Lawrence Darvin, Russell Tolentino


A. Background of the Study

Energy has been generally considered as the core of the economic development strategies for the future. Most of the energy requirements of developing countries are still supplied by fossil-based fuel. The existing high cost of these fuels contributes to the unfavorable trade balance. At present, a great percentage of the energy used by the industries comes from electricity generated from imported oil. However, with increasing demand, the country’s oil importation had jumped to 120.1 million barrels valued at US $8.8B in 2007 from 119.3 million barrels or US $8.0B in 2006 according to data from Department of Energy. Diesel led other oil products at 40.5 million barrels, followed by gasoline at 23.2 million barrels, bunker at 18.3 million barrels, LPG at 11.6 million barrels, kerosene at 10.4 million barrels and other fuels at 0.7 million barrels (Oil and Gas Journal-January 2008 Report).

With the increasing population and the rise of living standards, the demand for energy in the world is steadily increasing. Oil reserve data as of 2007 revealed that the top twelve oil producing countries (Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Russia, Libya, Nigeria, United States and Mexico) had a total reserve of 1,137 bbl (109) of oil and had a total production of 48.2 bbl/day (106). This means that the total reserve life will only last for 65 years (see Table 1).

Oil production had already reached its peak. Global environmental issues and exhaustion of fossil resources pose serious problems for energy consumption. Price escalation becomes inevitable just as what is happening now including its bad reputation as major source of high CO2 emission, conservation alone is not the solution to the energy crisis. Alternative sources of...
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