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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Jasmine Reid
Introduction to expository writing.

Jazz sure is cool!

What is Jazz? Well it depends on who you are asking. Where you come from, and believe it or not, what kind of culture you are raised in. “Jazz is a type of music of Black American origin characterized by improvisation, syncopation, and usually a regular or forceful rhythm, emerging at the beginning of the 20th century.” Now, you would think Jazz is a very fundamental genre to obtain but, that is not the case. Being a “Vocal Jazz Studies Major”, I observe the art of Jazz frequently, and I have come to realize there are several different forms of Jazz. For example, Swing is a form of Jazz that originated in the 1930’s which gave more of the dancing, head bobbing, and foot tapping feel to the atmosphere. Along with Swing, Fusion Jazz is also known as Jazz-Rock. It is mixed with Funk and R&B. There is one particular thing that both forms share, and that is they both require you to be energetic but, have you ever just wanted to listen to a song without feeling the need to sing or do too much? Have you ever wanted to listen to music for a change so you could relax? Have you ever wanted something that will give you the feel of an ocean lightly moving from the blow of the wind? I know I have and you can as well. “Cool Jazz was at the forefront of jazz and went through its most concentrated growth and development from 1949 – 1955. “Cool” also has affiliation with “West Coast” Jazz in California.” Back then, jazz was often simply called "hot music" by the public, and the idea that it could also be "cool" went worldwide. Cool Jazz eases you more than any other form of Jazz, it has a feathery tone that is slower than upbeat Jazz today and has more of a relaxing field. There are a few forms of Jazz that have been pretty much forgotten from the modern day world, but Cool Jazz is not one of them. Cool Jazz is a style of modern day Jazz music. I personally enjoy Cool Jazz because it has a...
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