Jasmine Coleman

Topics: Schizophrenia, Classified information, Mind Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Jasmine Coleman
June 20,2011
Psychology 200

"A Beautiful Mind"

1. The symptoms of schizophrenia John Nash showed in the beginning of the movie was hallucinations, and delusions.

2. The symptoms he showed at the end of the movie were hallucinations and delusions.

3. John Nash realized that his hallucinaitons were not real was when alicia went to the mailbox and got the top secret documents that Nash had tried to mail. Alicia then confronted him with the documents and that's when Nash realized. Alicia went to visit John and showed him the letters that he tried to mail off.

4. Alicia played an important role in dealing with schizophrenia because she stayed by his side and tried to help him get better. Also, a side effect from the pills John was taking was that John's sexual performance went down frustrating Alicia, but she stayed with him.

5. Yes schizophrenia can be the cause of divorce. The spouse may not be able to be around someone who is always thinking that someone is out to get them. For example, when Alicia was on the phone calling John's doctor and John thought someone was trying to hurt Alicia so he pushed her out of the way, not realizing that there was no one there.

6. Yes John Nash is still alive today and is still working on ventures in advanced game theory. He lives in West Windsor Township, New Jersey.

7. There is not one thing that occured in Nash childhood that triggered schizophrenia. He lived a normal childhood and was recognized for his intellegence at a young age by his parents.

8. My favorite scene of "A Beautiful Mind" was when John was giving the baby a bath and left the water running in the tub because he started seeing things. Alicia came int the room and got the baby and John responded by saying, " Charles is watching him, the baby is fine Charles is watching him".
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