Jasmine's Father

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Analysis : Jasmine's Father

Brief summary of story
The story basically revolves around the flashbacks of the narrator, Jasmine’s father.

Introduction :
The story begins with a brief insight into how Jasmine’s father views marriage and children. This gives us an idea of what kind of person Jasmine’s father is. We are also introduced to Jasmine. It is important to note in the introduction that a point of contrast is immediately drawn between the father and daughter, where the daughter is noted to enjoy the finer things in life, where as the father is described as someone simple and contented with what he has. Rising action :

We see conflicts between Jasmine and society, Jasmine and her boss and also Jasmine and Asian men. There is also conflict between Jasmine and her father in terms of values and opinions. (generation gap) Climax :

Jasmine informs her father of her decision to migrate
Falling action :
Jasmine’s father tries to advise his daughter, focusing on the practical issues (eg : having a job) but his advice falls onto deaf ears. Denouement:
Jasmine’s father finally learns to accept his daughter’s impending migration and his twilight years alone.

There is no definite setting. We see scene shifts from Jasmine’s father three bedroom flat, Vancouver and also the garden. The story also starts with Jasmine already in Canada and then flashes back to what happened in the prior months leading up to her move

The System represents a cold society that is described as bureaucratic, inept and prejudiced. Jasmine’s nameless boss represents a society that is regimented and robotic.

Protagonist/ Narrator : Jasmine’s father
Jasmine’s boss
Jasmine’ colleague

Point of view
First person as we are introduced only to the narrator’s thoughts and given only speculations to why Jasmine reacted the way she did.

Ironic when he looks at his current predicament at the beginning of the story. Nostalgic when...
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