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Ulyanovsk State University Russia

(1 year )

International MBA International Executive MBA

(9 months )

Overview of International MBA programs About Ulyanovsk State University, Russia About Jaro Education Awards & Accolades: § § §

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Big Research Award for Most Innovative & Successful Online MBA Program Bombay Management Association’s Award for India's Best International MBA Program eINDIA ICT - 2011 Champion Innovator’s Award

Innovative Learning methodology How will these programs benefit you ? International MBA (1 year) § §

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International Executive MBA (9 months)
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Double MBA (6 months)

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Overview of International MBA programs

The globalization of management education, increasing international co-operation and expansion of multinational organizations across the globe is giving a new dimension to higher education system. Today's global competitive business environment demands managers who are flexible, versatile, keen learners and who upgrade their skills as the technology advances. This has made international online education more vibrant and a rewarding experience. Most of the multinational organizations have their operations in India. They prefer professionals having International subject knowledge such as International Business Management, International Economics and International Business Law and Business Culture. An International MBA degree provides knowledge and expertise required by big multinational organizations and covers wide range of contemporary global management topics and subjects. Learning management with the help of case studies and industrial examples from senior faculties having rich corporate experience makes the International MBA program provide good understanding of strategic management. The International MBA program is especially designed for students, working professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their career growth. This course teaches the basic concepts and skills required to identify international opportunities and threats, explain their impact, formulate real world strategies and implement plans to achieve the global objective. The course enables the students to understand International business policies, business environment and issues pertinent to international trade and commerce. Survey indicates that the students who have completed International MBA (1 year) or International Executive MBA (9 months) have secured good jobs with multinational organizations, have got good increments & promotions in the existing organizations and also global job opportunities. Executives working in any industry or students looking for a better career undergo this program with an objective to: § Fast track their career growth § Get better job opportunities in big national and multinational organizations. § Expand their business nationally and explore international business opportunities. § Get knowledge of international subjects like International Business Management, International Economics and International Business Law and Business Culture. § Upgrade their management knowledge and skills.


About Ulyanovsk State University, Russia

Ulyanovsk State University, Russia
§USU is ranked amongst the top 100 Universities in Russia. §USU was founded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the year 1988. §USU is an affiliate of Moscow State University, Russia. §USU has collaboration with institutions in USA , Germany, Italy, China, Czech Republic, Bulgaria,

Mongolia and other countries. USU offers a wide range of study options: full time, part time and distance education programs on undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels. The student has an option to chose from 77 majors, 76...
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