Japanese Occupation in Malaya

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The Japanese occupation towards the Malay rite
The Japanese invasion took place in 1942 and the occupation lasted until 1945. The whole of the Malay Peninsula and Singapore were captured by this Japanese in the middle of February 1942. Due to possible reason Japanese easily occupied Malaysia. Mainly, British were unprepared to face Japanese attack from south Singapore as that was where the British administration center. Also Japanese started to attacked from north (Kelantan) and take over Malaya states one by one. British faced delayed military aid from London and India due to financial crisis. British expected the Japanese will attack by air but Japanese well planned and attacked through sea routes. Well preparation by Japanese launched their attacks after going intelligence on British main ports, airfields and barrels. Japanese army well trained had high morals well experienced and used compact tactic that suited the terrain. Japanese used bicycles to more easily in rural areas very smartly used war tactic. In contrast British were low motivated and less disciplined. The Japanese used military rules to rule Malaya. Japanese restructure public orders, like restructure local community which was against western rules. The aimed to targeted an “Asia for Asians” administration. Japanese concurred Malaya’s economy and wealth. The income from the economy were intended to use for Japanese supplies of war item like military facilities ,weapons and food and other needs military needs. “Malai Baru” borne and was lead by a Japanese president or Gunseikan who will be reported to the Army Chief General, 7thdistrict in Singapore. A Japanese governor or Syuchokan appointed to assist District Council, an entity to replace the State council. All top level passion occupied by Japanese and lower level were oc cupied by malay members. During Malai Baru the northern Malay States of Terengganu,Kedah,Perlis and Kelantan were handed over to Thailand in August 1943. The Japanese occupation thought us good and bad effects on the community in the Malaya. There are three main categorized as economic, social and political effects during Japanese occupation.

Economic effects as follows
Economically all major business activities by foreigner and local activities were taken over and guarded and the majority of factories taken over by Japanese. Also public transportation and necessity unavoidability due to shortage of fuel. Ten’s of thousand of people became homeless and helpless majority were unemployed. Life was hard and scary under Japanese rules. It was insufficient food supply, Japanese rationed applied for such as rice, sugar , flour , oil and salt. A lot of people do not have sufficient food to eat and many died .Resources were scare during the Japanese occupation. The prices of basic necessities increased drastically due hyperinflation . The Japanese issued rationed cards to controlled the amount of rice. Rice for adult was reduced by 25% as the progressed. Many people experienced hunger during the occupation because there was a shortage of food. Essential foodstuff like rice, salt and sugar were controlled. The country faced shortage of rice resulting from the disruption of world trade. The shortage of food caused people to rely on other food resources such as cassava. Food quantity and availability decreased greatly. Yam and sweet potatoes served for alternative for rice. It became the staple food of most diets in Malaya because consumer found cheaper compare to rice and could also be ground in home gardens. Tapiocas consuming nutrients regularly invented in order to stave off the monetary. Japanese encourage and motivate the population to grow their own foods if they had small piece of land. These vegetables can easily grew well near the watery area. The Japanese issued banana money as their main currency. Since straits currency become rare. The Japanese instituted elements of a command economy in which were restriction on...
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