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8 Tips to learn to speak Japanese effectively
Tip 1: Attend Japanese classes
If you are just starting out learning Japanese, I suggest that it is best you attend some basic Japanese courses at a local language school in your country. That is because the foundation of the language is so important that if you screw up in the beginning, it will drag you down when you move forward to the intermediate or advanced classes. You will always have to refer back the materials in the basic classes. I have seen many people suffered from their weak foundation and have to give up learning eventually because they couldn't cope with the progress of the lessons. Conclusion? At least build a strong foundation by attending basic classes at a school. The native Japanese teacher there can help to correct your mistakes. You will appreciate a lot when you advance to higher levels. Tip 2: Japanese Learning Software

I understand many people cannot commit to attend a regular class. Maybe because they have irregular working hours, need to travel overseas frequently due to works, unable to pay the school fees for long terms due to financial issues, or many other personal reasons. In that case, the best alternative is to learn through Japanese learning software like theRocket Japanese, where you can learn to speak Japanese at your own pace and time. This is because it is an online course and therefore you can plan to learn according to your own schedule, anytime, anywhere, so long you have an internet connection. The single reason that I recommend this online software is because it provides one great feature (Rocket Record) that you can use to match your voice to that of the Japanese native's voice in order to perfect your Japanese pronunciation. While your pronunciation can be corrected by a teacher in a classroom, it's impossible to know whether your pronunciation is correct if you were to study by yourself. With this recording feature, now you can simply practise speaking Japanese until...
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