Japanese Internment Camps

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Japanese Internment Camps

The Canadian government prides itself on upholding human rights, has its history truly reflected this image? Throughout the years 1939-1945, Canadian Interment Camps Affected Canada's history negatively. During this time period, Japanese Canadians were showed racism, put into internment camps, and had to deal with terrible living conditions. After the attack of the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, the Canadian government sent the Japanese Canadians to Internment Camps where they would no longer be seen as a threat. Firstly, the Japanese had to deal with great racism from Canadians. Being racist to the Japanese became relatively "okay" in Canada. It was not considered "bad attitude" to be racist while the Canadian government themselves were performing racist acts towards the Japanese. Canadian's felt that their actions were justified because they may have felt threatened by the Japanese Canadians; "Racist and xenophobic public sentiment felt that Japanese born Canadians showed too much sympathy for Japan." ("Internment of The Japanese during world war II", web) Not only did the Japanese have to face a few comments here and there, this racism kept getting worse and worse. There rights were then taken away. They were not able to vote, and their forestry and fishing permits were denied. This shows that the Japanese were targeted just because of their race, although it was not their actions personally that made them receive these actions. Secondly, the government sent the Japanese Canadians to Internment Camps, taking their idea of Japanese citizens being threats to a whole new level; "22,000 Japanese Canadians (14,000 of whom were born in Canada) were interned in the 1940s for political expediency."("Internment Camps", web) Joining these camps, they could only bring along with them their most important possessions thinking they will still have their other things waiting at home for when they return. "The Canadian government promised the...
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