Japanese Gender Roles

Topics: Gender role, Japan, Marriage Pages: 3 (1098 words) Published: December 6, 2010
Why and how is Gender affected in Japans modern day society? These questions I sought out to answer. I chose Japanese gender roles because I felt it would be a topic of interest, and one I would do my best in to research. It is subject I have hold some value in, and always wanted to learn more about. I had established rapport long ago with interviewee, when I became friends with Tomo MIzaki. This also helped me obtain consent from MIzaki to do this project with ease and be able to interview him. I had an extensive and productive interview with Mizaki, summing up a total of three hours. This paper will explain the Japanese families gender roles. I conducted extensive ethnographic study with Mizaki with several interviews and backing up what he said with my own research of outside resources. This methodology of mine helped my research to be more solid and resourceful. With the interviews and research I conducted, this helps me understand why and how the Typical nuclear Japanese family act and behave a certain way, and how gender roles are affected upon the mother and father of the relationship. The traditional gender roles place men as breadwinners and women as homemakers. Among younger couples, more flexible gender roles are becoming popular, although attitudes are changing, actual behaviors are not: Japanese men do only twenty to thirty minutes' worth of domestic work per day, while women spend three and a half hours in household chores. Throughout Tomo’s Mizaki’s life, he was brought to do very well in school and get a great job after, not to clean up after himself. Unlike Tomo, his sister was only asked to do the house chores and never given much attention too, even though she too does well in school. Traditional gender roles in Japan are characterized by a strong sense of patriarchy in society, which account for the bifurcation of the productive and reproductive spheres, with a distinct separation of gender roles. In the family, this refers to the...
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