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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Sometimes the geographical features can have an impact on cultures. It could be a bad impact in which it destroys the culture or a good impact that helps the culture out. The land, the Sea and the natural environment have all impacted Japanese culture.

The land was one of the geographical features that impacted japanese life. 75% of the land was mountains and forest. This caused them to not have much farming land forcing them to trade. The mountains can protect them from attackers. They were isolated with mountains, the pacific ocean and 4 separate main island, separated by water called a archipelago. The isolation leaded to feudalism when the more land you have the more power.

Seas impacted Japanese culture a lot. They used the water for transportation. Using boats to travel to different places. Trading was involved throughout the seas. Japan consists of many islands called a archipelago. Trading would happen between the islands. All of the islands were called an archipelago. Their food source was fish and rice. The water was used in many ways.

The last feature that impacted Japanese life was natural environment. There was many natural disasters that changed the culture. Earthquakes would shake japan causing buildings and streets to break. A mountain filled with lava called a volcano could erupt and destroy Japan. Also tsunami were large amounts of water caused by a earthquake in the ocean. It could wipe everything there. All of these could be very dangerous toward their culture and could ruin everything.

The geographical features can impact the development of cultures a lot. Some features destroy the culture and some help the culture advancement. The land ,sea and the natural environment are the features that impact japanese culture.
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