Japanese Chocolate Market

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Prepared by Akira Honda Japan Niche Biz Executive Summary of Chocolate market in Japan Japanese chocolate output remained relatively constant throughout 2005 and 2006, according to the latest figures from the chart below prepared by the Chocolate and Cocoa Association of Japan. Annual production amounted to nearly 222,020 tons, and annual sales reached US$4,066 Million nearly the same figure as recorded the previous year, which shows approximately 13% among the entire confectionary market in Japan. European manufacturers will be looking closely at the implications of the figures. According to a report from Datamonitor, Asia offers strong potential for the chocolate industry. Indeed, the fact that Japanese market still accounts for only a small portion of the global chocolate market reflects relatively low consumption levels. If per capita consumption levels can be increased, the size of this market has the potential to increase considerably. The fact that chocolate is not a traditional food, high prices and domestic production problems will provide the main problems to market growth. As these markets develop, prices will fall making these products more accessible to the wider population.

Chocolate market size of Japan


Market share for imported chocolate in Japan The issue is the foreign (imported) chocolate market in Japan for our project with Patchi. Because the custom duty tariff for chocolate has been lowered from 20% to 10% in April 1988, the volume of imported chocolate has been increased. The major importing countries are those from Europe and North America such as USA, Italy and Belgium. Now the market share of the imported chocolate is approximately 10% (US$400 Million) among the annual retail sales amount of US$4,138 Million in the Japanese chocolate market. Trend of major eight countries of importing chocolate to Japan 2001 3,715,427 2,970,861 2,163,576 499,607 670,866 1,276,061...
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