Japanese Canadians During Wwii

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  • Published : June 8, 2011
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How the Japanese Canadians were affected
during the period 1929-1945

Prepared For: Mrs. Brydie
Prepared by: Krystsina Khatkevich
Due Date: Friday, May 27th, 2011Course: CHC 2D

Amid 1929 to 1945, a series of events took place, which makes our Canadian History very intriguing. Though some of these events Canadians are not proud of, they still have grand historical significance to everyone. During that period, the Japanese Canadians were notably affected in a terrible way, after the attack on Pearl Harbour occurred. The Japanese Canadians were treated unjustly in numerous ways when the government took away their belongings and rights, blamed them for things that were not their fault and sent them away to internment camps.

Firstly, the awful treatment of the Japanese Canadians began in 1942 when the federal Canadian Cabinet ordered the expulsion of Japanese Canadians from their homes, stripped them of their property, and forcibly dispersed across Canada or shipped to a starving Japan. Before they were imposed to leave their homes, a number of new laws were forced upon the Japanese Canadians, which went against their human rights. What the Japanese Canadians did not know was this was just the beginning of many dreadful things to come, like internment camps and posters excluding Japanese Canadians from going to certain areas. They were “subject to the same regulations as German and Italian ‘aliens’. Like the Germans and Italians, all Japanese Canadians had to register with and report biweekly to the Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP). They were not allowed to travel more than 12 miles from their residence or change their addresses without permission. Also, the Japanese Canadians were required to observe a dusk-dawn curfew” (Sunahara). Therefore, the Japanese Canadians were being treated differently than any other race at the time by having laws restricting them from doing things that everyone else can, which was...
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