Japan Soft Diplomacy to Indonesia

Topics: International relations, Culture, Anime Pages: 6 (1973 words) Published: January 9, 2013

International relations is a system of relations between sovereign countries in the Association which made international diplomacy activities as a key element for a country of its existence as a deciding factor in international relations. Diplomacy is a political process to keep the foreign policy of a Government in influencing policy and the attitude of other Governments. Diplomacy is also not present concerns only political activity alone but also be multi-dimensional aspects relating to economic, socio-cultural, human rights and the environment that are used in any situation in relations among the Nations to create peace in the global political scene as well as achieving a country's national interests. The emergence of soft power as one form of power other than the hard power in the activities of international relations implications on the conduct of diplomacy. Soft power becomes the main tool of diplomacy the present so-called soft diplomacy. Trend implementation of soft diplomacy by means of the application of soft power is considered effective and efficient so that it's easy to do without having to swallow large cost and sacrifice. As in the above-mentioned actors paradigm of international relations, the implementation of soft diplomacy involving various among non-government actors. Therefore, soft diplomacy is the tangible form of the use of the instrument in addition to political pressure, economic pressure and military: with emphasis on cultural elements in the activity of diplomacy. Thus, foreign political platform is done through soft diplomacy, like what is done by Japan through their culture. Japan, one of the countries in the East Asian region, which is famous for its culture, which has a unique characteristic is one example of a country that managed to spread its culture to different countries. Some examples of Japan's cultural influence can be seen in other countries are the comics (Manga), a cartoon or animation (Anime), and Japan. With the uniqueness of each respective form of culture Japan managed to spread the influence of the culture not only in the region of East Asia, but also enter the area of Southeast Asia, and one of the countries in Southeast Asia that got Japan cultural influences and will be discussed further by the author is Indonesia.

Aside from the 3 examples of culture which has been mentioned earlier, Japan also has a lot of culture preserved by the Government and the people. In addition, Japan has a lot of unique and characteristic that sets it apart with other countries so that the characteristic can be enjoyed well without anyone like it. The uniqueness and characteristic of Japan either country or society can be seen from how to dress, food, housing, and his personality, which is so appreciative of the time. Throughout its history, Japan has absorbed a lot of ideas from other countries including technology, customs, and culture of disclosure forms. Japan has developed the inputs from outside. Even the lifestyle people Japan today is a mix of traditional culture under the influence of modern Western culture and Asian. But in spite of all the above, Japan still maintaining and preserving its original culture. In addition to the traditional culture that has roots in self mengurat Japan Society, there is also a modern culture. This modern culture include music, film, art and literature. Japan's modern culture is thriving to be famous all over the world. One of the modern culture of Japan favored by the community is anime (cartoons). Many have created a successful Japan cartoon movie and frowned upon by society. Along with his famous films, hence the name of any country of Japan join the soar across the country are airing movies. In fact it can be said that the film industry is well advanced, Japan anime movie (cartoon) as well as drama. Over the past two decades, pop culture products Japan has been exported, traded and consumed massively...
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