Japan or China the Most Important Strategic Relationship for Australia Among the Major Asian Powers?

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Australian Defence Force, Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Is Japan or China the most important strategic relationship for Australia among the major Asian powers?

By Mej Amran B Mohamad RMAF
Malaysian Armed Forces Defence College Haigate
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. 12 Nov 2009

Author can be contacted at : amran_mohd@yahoo.com.au



Australia’s credentials and place in today international system is quite significant which influence greatly her ability to position and formulating herself strategically in the global scenario especially in the Asia Pacific region.

As a nation with global interests, Australia deals with many countries in many regions and one of them is in Asian region. Australia undoubtedly and substantially engages hers interests in a wide range of aspects within the framework of the countries within this Asian region. Among the countries which are influential in shaping Australia’s strategic and defense policy within the Asia Pacific ring are China, Japan and South Korea, North Korea and Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) block countries. On the other hand significant Australian interests are also engaged in Australia’s relationships with the other states such as the European Union and its member states, and in the South Pacific, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

However the emerging of China and the influence of Japanese among the major power and largest economies of the Asia-Pacific region has considerably alter the region stability lately. Many new factors and balancing pointers have emerged and its impacts cannot be ignored in shaping Australia strategic relationship and its development of defense policy. Consequently new form of challenges have emerged such as North Korea nuclear proliferation issues and overlapping claimed territory in the South China Sea to mention a few. As such advertently Australia needs to revisit and review back its...
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