Japan Foreign Policy

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Japan foreign policy toward the United States
There are hundreds of states in the world, and each one of states has its own policy that they conducted within the country. However states will have to confront or associated with another states thus there must be foreign policy for a country that should be conducted toward the other country. A country might have a lot of different policy toward many others countries. A foreign policy is (Damerow 2009) “the relationships which central governments have with other countries, their central governments, and international organizations, both intergovernmental and non-governmental”. And two of the countries that their foreign policy has been experiencing with lots of changes toward one another are Japan and the United States. United States (Indexmundi 2011), is one of the most powerful countries in the world in many aspects including security and economics. United States is a country with fifty states and in third in term of population and area. Its government type is a strong democratic thus meaning that all the citizens of a nation together determine public policy, the actions of their state and the leader as well. The U.S. economy is the world's largest national economy, with an estimated GDP of $14.1 trillion. Moreover, the United States has also been known for its strong and high technology military as well. The United States is country that has many relations with many countries, with a range of liberalism, realism, mercantilism and others according to the circumstances. As for social, the United States is a melting pot which has many kinds of races living in the country but its main religious is Christianity. Whereas, Japan is country with the government of constitutional monarchy, that has a parliamentary government. Also its economy has a GDP of (2011 est.) $5.855 trillion which pale into comparison with the United States. Japan is also known for its renowned fast and rapid growing technology and stable military’s security as well. As for society, Japan is a country with the main religion which is Buddhism. These two countries have been enemy and allies through many occasions, there foreign policy in all aspects have been changing quite often too. Thus, this essay will point out the relationships of both countries so far. Than establish foreign policies approaches for Japan in many areas toward the United States and at the end select the one that best suited for Japan.

Both of the countries have involved through many diplomatic foreign policy against one another. Probably two of the famous ones were during the World War 2. First was the famous attack on Pearl Harbor in which Japan infiltrated the United States the Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The attacked had resulted in the loss of about two thousand people but the worse effect was that the United States decides to begin war with the Empire of Japan thus led to a war between the two countries. Japan was already losing the war. However, another controversial problem (Freeman 2006) during 1945 occurred, in which the United States used two atomic bombs on Japan, toward its two major cities, (Hiroshima and a few days later another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki) which cause thousands of deaths and a commotion of why the United States would bomb Japan. There were many answers to this act, but one of the most main reasons is that United States wanted to show its power and prevent Japan from being influenced by Russia. As can be seen this was a period when the two countries had its conflicts between one another during the World War 2.

Vice versa, after the World War 2, the (usembassy n.d.)United States has archived its alliance with Japan in order to maintain its security role in South East Asia. The alliance gives the United States an opportunity with the deployment of about 53,000 U.S. troops and other U.S. military assets in the Asia-Pacific, thereby allowing U.S. national security strategy in the region. For Japan, the...
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