Japan Earthquake

Topics: Earthquake, Tsunami, Japan Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: January 20, 2013
To begin with, earthquakes are big deals when they happen. They cause chaos and desolate family members. The earthquake happened in Japan, Fukushimi at 14:46 (local time) on march 11th, 2012. The magnitude of this earthquake was 8.9 and that’s high on the rictor scale. The earthquake was not the only thing Japan had confronted. According to CNN “the 8.9 – magnitude trembler, killed hundreds of people, it caused the formation of 30 – foot walls of water that dragged houses onto highway, engulfed entire towns, and tossed cars and boats like toys,” The tsunami had dragged the Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, damaging costal communities. The Japan earthquake had caused the tsunami, leaving massive destruction everywhere, which had a large impact on the death toll. The earthquake was the fifth largest in the world since 1900 (BBC)

It happened due to the 3 plates moving (Eurasian and Pacific), it receives earthquakes quite frequently. This specific earthquake was caused when the Eurasian plate is dragged down by the Pacific plate until the pressure is too great and the plate 'unzips'. This causes a massive displacement of the water at the epicentre sending large amounts of water thrusted towards land. While the plates settled back down again, over 1,000 aftershocks were caused, some happening weeks after the initial shock.although the earthquake was very large Japan's high standard building prevented the earthquake from doing a big damage. The majority of the damage was caused by the ensuing tsunami that happened later on.

The total number of deaths was around 15,800, almost 6,000 injured and 3,800 missing. Though Japan spends billions of dollars on anti-tsunami sea walls, the tsunami simply washed over the top of some seawalls, collapsing a few in the process. Over 45,000 buildings were destroyed by the disaster including 11 hospitals as well as 230,000 vehicles being damaged or destroyed by the tsunami. All of Japan's ports were closed. Instant power outages...
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