Japan Country Profile

Topics: Japan, South Korea, World War II Pages: 4 (1164 words) Published: December 2, 2012
* Japan's government is a democratic parliamentary government, with a constitutional monarchy as the head of state. Japan's Imperial role is essentially only as a figurehead now, and the Emperor has no defined governmental power. He remains the ceremonial head of state, and presides over ceremonies and represents his nation internationally at public functions that do not require a political presence. The head of government, the Prime Minister, holds real power. * The Government maintains good and consistent relations with citizen. Japanese citizens have high efficacy, they have faith in his government and believe their actions have a positive effect on the government. Japan is a member of the G8, APEC, and "ASEAN Plus Three", and is a participant in the East Asia Summit. Japan has close economic and military relations with the United States. Japan is engaged in several territorial disputes with its neighbors such as China, Russia, South Korea, etc. Japan also faces an ongoing dispute with North Korea over the latter's abduction of Japanese citizens and its nuclear weapons and missile program. Japan has been the member of the United Nations since 1956. 2. Economy

* Japan basically has a capitalist economy. They redid their system for their economy after World War II. They used the ideas from other modern countries and it is working. * The economy of Japan is the third largest national economy in the world after the United States and the People's Republic of China and is the world's second largest developed economy. Japan is the world's 3rd largest automobile manufacturing country, has the largest electronics goods industry, and is often ranked among the world's most innovative countries leading several measures of global patent filings. Facing increasing competition from China and South Korea, manufacturing in Japan today now focuses primarily on high-tech and precision goods, such as optical equipment, hybrid...
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