Japan Changes from Military Power to Economic Power After World War Ii

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  • Published : March 6, 2005
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Japan Changes From Military to Economic Power after World War II

Japan was controlled by an emperor people thought to be god before the World War II. They were technologically advanced in military weaponry and armory. The country was control by military power for years and had plans to dominate the world. Not until when the United State join the World War II, the fate of Japan changed forever. Japan suffered a quick defeat by the US. The US dropped two atomic bombs in two large cities in Japan that caused them to surrender. The country was pretty much demolished after the war. The reason why Japan changed from a military power to economic power probably was cause by that they had no other choice. First, Japan was demilitarized meaning Japan isn't allowed to have an army. The country is controlled by a peaceful and responsible government. The industry was important to make peaceful goods that benefit the country but the industry that made war related goods were forbidden. General MacArthur was appointed to be the supreme commander of Japan by the allied powers. He saw many ways that Japan could benefit the American interest. With him in charge, Japan was to establish a responsible and democratic self-government. Japan would not be a threat to the U.S. and its allies in the future. Under those rules, Japan followed the U.S. closely and had no way for it to rise in military power because they are forbidden to have an army. Everything they make or do will be done and for peaceful means. Japan's economy increased dramatically over the years and is one of the top standing economic powers in the world today!
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