Janet Laurence Biography

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Janet Laurence is a contemporary Australian artist, who is well known for her passionate connection with the environment. Laurence’s fascination in the nexus between science and art, has profoundly displayed human’s relationship towards nature. Janet Laurence explores the limits of art by converging extreme practices such as science, memory, imagination and insanity. She displays this by her confronting organic use of materials and subject matter. Laurence carefully considers her use of metaphors in her artwork. Each piece of artwork contains a dark meaning or message towards her audience. Laurence displays powerful political messages through her passionate concerns with the environment.

Janet Laurence’s subject matter and process has changed vastly over the years, Janet changes her artwork’s themes according to her personal concerns and changes in the environment. Her aims as an artist are to up rise empathy and compassion from her audience. Janet Laurence uses the Australian landscape as a metaphor, as a warning regarding the fragility of our environment. Her work is symbolic of the fragility of nature, Janet Lawrence demonstrates this in a metaphorical way through her concern with the landscape and natural world. By getting glimpses of nature through the use of acrylic or glass could be compared to a looking glass which could be understood as seeing into a secret place. Janet Lawrence is also interested in the connection between space and the environment, this concept is a metaphorical example used within her practice as a comparison to scientific practices.

Janet uses an assortment of practices including; installation, photography, painting and sculpting. She is commonly known for her public commissions and architectural collaborations. Laurence’s artworks are created in response to specific sites or environments that have powerful meanings behind them. Laurence creates artworks in response to a specific life form or environment. She achieves...
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