Jane Eyre: a British Literature Novel That Theme Shows Love Versus the Autonomy

Topics: Jane Eyre, Marriage, Charlotte Brontë Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Every year there is a required novel to read in our English classes that for the most part is difficult, boring, and hard to follow. This year was slightly different in that we were able to choose between two books, Dracula and Jane Eyre, and I choose Jane Eyre for reasoning that it would appeal to my feminine senses more so than Dracula. Jane Eyre is a novel of British literature written in the setting of the nineteenth century Victorian age. It is about a young women by the name of Jane Eyre who is very strong and intelligent but constantly has to battle with the inequalities of women in that age on top of battles with poverty and love showing the theme, love versus autonomy. The oppression is initial in Jane’s life. She is raised by an evil woman, her aunt, and then goes to school to have an evil abusive man for a teacher who preaches of poverty but contradictorily is using the school funds so that his family can live wealthy and comfortably. At this school Jane finds a young women as herself who is strong willed but is sadly put to death by the typhus epidemic at their school that also results in the death of Mr.Brocklehurst, the evil teacher. This just represents how the book makes you hopeful for Jane then brings you back into a dark and sad state of mind. Jane later comes of a job teaching but yearns for something new in her life so she accepts a job as a governess at the Thornfield manor working for an impassionate man by the name of Edward Rochester, who Jane comes to fall in love with. Their relationship grows until Rochester asks for Jane’s hand in marriage, which was very surprising to me seeing as she is all about women empowerment and equality yet she marries a man who she works for, above her. Upon the day of their marriage it is revealed that Rochester is married to someone else. His wife’s brother, Mr. Mason claims that they married when Rochester was in Jamaica long ago. This statement is not denied and Rochester reveals that his...
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