Jane Eyre: Wasteland

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Jane Eyre: Final Reflection

A wasteland is a time of great struggle and decomposition, it is a place that seems dark and dreary, it is also a major thematic idea in Jane Eyre. A wasteland was displayed in this text by showing all of Jane's inner and outer struggles with society and herself. There are many ways in which a wasteland was displayed in this novel.

To start off, Jane, the protagonist is a little lonely orphan girl with no relatives or friends to help her. All she really has is her own initiative and her future education. Her initial situation of being neglected in the Reed’s house really gave the book a wasteland setting right off the bat. Then Jane was given an ounce of hope with news of the Lowood school. That hope was soon crushed when she discovered the quality of the school.

The Lowood school was old, dreary, and of poor conditions. The students were underfed, overworked, and constantly neglected. The school alone was a wasteland. Jane dealt with this neglect until she was eighteen, at this point she decided to become a governess.

When JAne had finally gotten out of Lowood, there seemed to be hope for a new start. She had her love interest, she was treated well, and she was much happier. This happiness Jane experience was soon ripped from her heart when she discovered that the man she was about to marry had a psychotic which locked in the basement. At this point, the story became fairly predictable.

In the ending of the novel, Jane moves away from her ex-fiance and sulks with a different family which turns out to be hers. Then she finds that the psychotic Bertha has committed her lover, Rochester was blinded in the fire Bertha had started and died in. She returns to him and they live out the rest of their dull lives happily ever after.

Overall, the wasteland Jane called her life was completely resolved and she overcame all of her battles. This shows that even though sometimes life seems to be an eternal wasteland, it can...
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