Jane Eyre Response Paper

Topics: Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë, Governess Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Jordan Jones
English 201
Professor Morimoto
January 28, 2013
A Hero, Rich or Poor
Most societies during the mid-nineteenth-century believe wealth and power meant self-righteousness or morality, resulting in lower-class citizens being judged as problematic and unrighteous. This idea promotes some to think that people with money and in a high social class were the most righteous and moral. In her book Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte writes to challenge the representation of heroism as wealth and power, instead posing that true heroism comes from overcoming trials and showing good-will; therefore, Jane Eyre displays true heroism as she overcomes discrimination and poverty, while achieving integrity.

During her early childhood at Gateshead, Jane displays true heroism by withstanding hatred and prejudices with optimism and hopefulness. During her early childhood, she deals with emotional abuse from her cousin, John Reed. ”You are a dependent, mama says; you have no money; your father left you none; you ought to beg” (10). Jane replies, “This reproach of my dependence had become a vague sing-song in my ear” (13). Jane fights off ridicule and hatred for being an orphan from her wealthy relatives who despise her existence. She is hopeful to leave Gateshead and her cruel relatives. She endures trials with faith and optimism, representing real heroism and morality. Jane is a role model because she works hard at school and finds a job as a governess. She gets the opportunity to enroll in school, and with the “Means of an excellent education,” …. “And a desire to excel in all,” Jane becomes the top student at Lowood and receives a teaching position at the school (80). Jane becomes a great student because she loves to learn, works hard, and wants to be successful. Next, she finds a job as a governess at Thornfield mansion. Upon leaving her teaching position, she replies, “A phase of my life is closing to-night, a new one opening to-morrow: impossible to slumber in...
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