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Jane Eyre Report

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Jane Eyre is a young girl who has no parents and is an orphan. She lives with her Aunt, Mrs. Reed, and her cousins in a big mansion with lots of servants. They treat her horribly and tell her that she is no better than a beggar. She is punished constantly for being a “bad child”. She is sent to the Red Room for “attacking” John Reed, her cousin.

The Red Room is a room where Mr. Reed died and it is said to be haunted. Mrs. Reed, being the awful woman she is, locked Jane Eyre in the room for an entire night. Jane gets very scared in the room because she thought she saw a ghost. This frightened her so badly that she cried until she went unconscious. After Jane went unconscious, a doctor came to make sure she was well. When she and the doctor started talking, he asked her if she would like to go to school. Jane Eyre immediately said yes.

So after a few months of applying to the school, Mr. Brocklehurst from school came to see her. Mrs. Reed had lied to Mr. Brocklehurst about Jane by telling him that she was a deceitful, dishonest, and wicked little girl. Mrs. Reed wanted Mr. Brocklehurst to at least try to put Jane’s proud self in her place. Mr. Brocklehurst replied that he had no patience for the sin of pride, and he also says that the Lowood School is full of plain girls. Mrs. Reed feels that the Lowood School would be the perfect school for Jane and that she would be sent to the school as soon as possible.

After Mr. Brocklehurst left the house, Mrs. Reed told Jane Eyre to go up stairs. Jane Eyre was so angry that she was unable to stop herself from saying something to Mrs. Reed. Jane told Mrs. Reed that she was not a deceitful girl, and that she was not dishonest and that she hated Mrs. Reed. She also told Mrs. Reed that she hated her son and her stupid girls as well. Then, Mrs. Reed asked Jane Eyre if she had anything else to add and Jane said that she did. Jane said that she was glad that Mrs. Reed was not her true relation. She also said that she would...

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