Jane Eyre Feminist Ideas.

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Because Jane Eyre is her own person and has opinions independent from societal thought in spite of the oppression she endures, she can be seen almost as a feminist heroine. She has the autonomy and authority of her being essential to the character of a feminist, and therefore is more inadvertent than intended. Well, Jane is a pretty independent woman in herself. She is employed as a governess, one of the few professions a woman could be during the time she was independent and respected herself.

Women of the Victorian era were repressed, and had little if any social stature. They had a very few rights and fewer options open to them for self-support. For most women the only way to live decently was to get married, and in many cases it was not up to the women to choose whom she married. It was almost unheard of for a woman to marry out of her social class. ROCHESTER! There are many reasons to believe that the novel is feminist. One of the most obvious reasons would be Jane's dream to been seen equal to Rochester. Jane's only wish was to marry a man who would see her as his equal, because she wouldn't fight and compete with him to be seen that way. Jane and Rochester are equal when they marry as he becomes blind, he is now no higher up than her. “I married him” not “he married me”

Charlotte Bronte imagined a world where the husband treated his wife with respect and thought of her as his equal. When Jane and Rochester fall in love she makes it clear to him that she will not be walked all over, and wouldn't stay in his shadow. Unfortunately, Jane finds out about Bertha and sees how overpowering Rochester can be. This causes her not to want to marry him, and then she had no one to turn to.

At that point in Jane's life she knew that she couldn't marry Rochester, because she did not want to be the next Bertha. Jane knew that she had to establish herself as an independent woman before she could consider marrying Rochester.

There are many events in Jane Eyre...
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