Jane Eyre Exploration of Love and Importance

Topics: Jane Eyre, Love, God Pages: 4 (1302 words) Published: June 22, 2011
“In Jane Eyre, Bronte explores the importance of love and acceptance through a narrative technique which has immortalized her text” Discuss this view, with close reference to the novel and your critical understanding of perspectives. In Jane Eyre, Bronte captures the protagonist story through a bildungsroman and explores the importance of love and acceptance. The author constructed narrative presents these universal issues as being battled between the religious and romantic structures, which extends till the end of the novel. Jane’s journey for salvation is challenged by her quest for love, to discern between creator and creature, in which Jane finds no concluding affiliation too. Without a definite and providential ending, readers are left to deconstruct the text, thus continually captivating audiences from differing contexts, leaving the novel immortalized. Jane’s search for love and acceptance is established in first person narrative at Gateshead, by the exclusion from the Reed’s family and Mr. Broklehurst. Through metaphor, Bronte introduces Jane’s situation, in the beginning of the novel; seated behind a glass window, underneath the curtain. She represents the cloistered Victorian women, showing Jane’s distinct social and physical marginalization, divided between the unknown of the real world and the reality at home, unsatisfactory to her deep longing of family. The curtain symbolizes safety, “it is well I drew the curtain’ thought I and I wished fervently he might not discover my hiding place”. The red room incident enables readers to develop sympathy ‘ I was oppressed, suffocated, endurance broke down’. The experience of the red-room is symbolic, as it is of indescribable trauma of suffering, in which the purity and innocence left of Jane’s childhood is completely destroyed by Mrs. Reed cruelty, “Unjust!-Unjust!” exclaims Jane. Being rejected by a motherly figure, Jane seeks to find a parent in God, in the characterization of Mr. Broklehurst. Bessie...
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