Jane Eyre Essay Chapters 1-5

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  • Published : October 17, 2011
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How does Bronte use the first five chapters of the novel to make the reader intrigued in the life of the character Jane Eyre? (40 marks) The novel of Jane Eyre engages the reader form the first chapter. Bronte cleverly uses intrigue throughout the novel but in the first five the author reveals a lot about the plot and characters to keep the reader interested. In chapter 1 Bronte begins to reveal parts of Jane’s character. We first see her as a vulnerable girl who is unable to show her emotions, this is because Bronte cleverly uses pathetic fallacy to only give us a hint of what Jane is like and in turn keeping the reader intrigued. “Clouds so sombre and rain so penetrating” is how Jane describe the weather but we the reader realise that this is Bronte telling us how Jane is feeling. The reader is kept interested because they want to know why Jane’s character is feeling so low and perhaps the word “penetrating” could also be alluding to the way she is going to be treated when she gets home, will she be beaten is what the reader may be thinking. When Jane reaches home Bronte immediately makes it obvious to the reader that she is considered an outsider by the rest of her family, “she (Mrs. Reed) lay reclined on the sofa by the fireside with her darlings” the reader is now intrigued to know why Jane is not entitled to sit by the fire too and why she must stay in the coldness of the room, also Bronte uses “her darlings” to almost make Jane sound sarcastic in her description of the Reeds, this will further cause the reader to question why Jane is so bitter towards her family and what Jane has done to deserve this disregard of being “dispensed” by Mrs Reed. Later on we also see more use of language used by Bronte to portray Jane as an outsider; “sat cross legged like a Turk” this is a powerful piece of imagery. The reader would interpret this imagery as Jane seeing herself alienated because it was not common to mix with other cultures; Jane is likening herself to...
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