Jane Eyre Essay

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Jane Eyre Essay

Jane Eyre is among the greatest classic literary works of all time. Combining a major theme of love with rich, descriptive language, sentiments of real human struggle, and a cast of memorable, well-scripted characters, it comes as no surprise that Charlotte Bronte’s ‘masterpiece’ can rightfully be called thus. Out of all the remarkable, yet simplistic elements, the one that really struck me was not the facet that could be mistaken for the most important at first glance, but rather that which, in my opinion, truly is what the author wished to be the greatest conveyance. The theme I would dub the most influential and moving is the pursuit of happiness.

‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ can be looked at as one of the most simplistic terms, but in reality is far more complicated. One of the main reasons for this is because, as humans, we have feelings, and these feelings are not unanimous. Thus, that which brings happiness to one may bring grief to another. Each and every person has their own opinion on what brings joy, and, whilst for some region is the answer, for others, wealth or companionship satisfy. Another major problem is the aspect of ‘real’ happiness. Not going into what bliss feels like, for it would be impossible for me to describe such a thing, the point trying to be made is that pleasure may not be true or long-term. Instead, like a mirage, it is temporary, and, leaves you the same as you were before, or worse. Taking the case of narcotics of alcohol, for example, which bestow upon the user a sense of calmness and enjoyment, do not give the user happiness as is searched for in Jane Eyre. It is interesting to note that one of the synonyms of the word happiness is delirium, or the state of not being in your right mind. Lastly, ‘the pursuit of happiness’ is a very vague term. In the constitution of the United States of America, it states that we have a right to the pursuit of happiness. An objection could be raised to this then, saying...
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