Jane Eyre Analysis Paper

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Secret of Thornfield
Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre at first gives off as a romantic novel. But there are multiple parts in the book that shows that Jane Eyre is also in the gothic/mystery genre. In Jane Eyre, after Jane entered Thornfield, there were many current of events that led me to believe that Mr. Rochester has a secret hidden in Thornfield Hall. What is this mystery? And how does it connect with Edward Rochester? The first event that led me to believe Rochester had a secret was when his bed is set on fire and Jane put out the fire. Jane had told him that she heard a strange laughter which led her to his room. Jane initially wanted to go ask for help but he refuses saying he needs to pay a visit to the third floor to which he leaves the room for a while. When he returned, ‘paled and very gloomy’, he said, “I have found it all out.” “It is just as I thought” (Bronte, Jane Eyre, 140). Right after he recollected himself, he asked Jane if she saw who the culprit was to which she replied no to his satisfaction. He reminded her of the odd laughter that she heard and questioned if Jane had encountered it before to which she agree to and claim it was Grace Poole’s laughter. Mr. Rochester responds to her claim, “Just so. Grace Poole – you have guessed it.” “You are no talking fool: say nothing about it. I will account for this state of affairs” (141). A supernatural-like event had just occurred in Thornfield Hall but Mr. Rochester does nothing about the event. Instead of finding help immediately he went somewhere else in quietness. Not only that, Rochester had demanded that the cause of the event be unknown in Thornfield. Though he claimed he knows the culprit, the person at crime wasn’t punished for its work. His way of handling the state of affair leaves me with many questions, making him look suspicious, as if he is hiding something. The next event is when Mr. Mason first arrived at Thornfield Hall and gets attacked that same night. When Jane gave news of Mr....
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