Jane Eyre Analysis

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Journal Prompt #1
In the novel Jane Eyre there are two main male characters that are introduced to us, one being Mr. Rochester and the other, St. John. Mr. Rochester's rude and abrupt personality reflects in the way he treats every women in his life and the same goes for St. John's marble like appearance. As the reader can see Mr. Rochester is utterly the opposite of St. John. He isn't handsome like he is, he doesn't have a charming appeal to him as St. John does and he is not based on a tight religion like St. John but the big difference between them is age. This is the main thing that shows a contrast on how they treat the women in their lives. First there is Mr. Rochester and Jane the main characters of the novel. When first introduced to Mr. Rochester, he seemed like a jerk and nasty but when understanding his story one can't help but think "wow this man is real" a valid-seeming man. To Jane Eyre at first he noticed that she was different than other school girls that most of the things she said to him other school girls wouldn't dare say to their master. To Jane he was harsh yet warm meaning, the words that came out of his mouth where very unexpected yet they (the words) seem to have a warm sense to them. Also Mr. Rochester's character is reflected in the way he treats Jane is by how he sees her, he sees her as his intellectual equal. Even though, Mr. Rochester is supposed to be superior towards Jane he understands that she is a very intellectual person and that he can converse with her not like how he could with Adele or Ms. Fairfax. Mr. Rochester sees Jane as his companion and wants her to be with him. This is unexpected because as the reader can see Jane isn't in the same economic status as Mr. Rochester is or shall I say was. Yet throughout everything Mr. Rochester has been through he still is able to treat her right and is one of the reasons why Jane fell in love with him. Yet Mr. Rochester’s character is sort of changed when he is with Jane which is why you really cannot compare the types of emotions he has towards her and the other women in his life because Jane is different. Mr. Rochester and Adele's relationship is sort of confusing. The way he expresses his "love" for her not like how a father would and in this case Mr. Rochester is Adele's "father", adopted "father" yet he does not treat her like an adopted father. When he talks to her he has a sarcastic tone to him but overall the readers all know that Mr. Rochester cares deeply for Adele. While “showing” his love for Adele he portrays a worried father or a father figure in general. While with Celine Varens his character is portrayed as just a young man looking for a good time yet who ends up falling in love and getting hurt. When Mr. Rochester was telling Jane the story about Celine he seemed as if he did care but towards the end he showed his hatred for her betrayal. Same for Miss Ingram, of course Mr. Rochester did not hate Miss Ingram he just flirted with her, teased her if that is the right word. Miss Ingram was just a prop to Mr. Rochester he then used her to upgrade Jane's jealously. Lastly, there is Mr. Rochester's relationship with Bertha Mason. Mr. Rochester as you could tell enjoyed Bertha before the whole situation happened. He dearly cared about her and understood that it wasn’t her fault for what happened but his brother and father's fault. He cared enough to not just get rid of Bertha even though keeping her in a locked room with no site of day seemed crazy but he kept her fed and cared for. Mr. Rochester's caring side defiantly showed through Bertha. Now we move on to St. John who is the foil to Mr. Rochester. St. John has deep morals that he practices daily. The way he treats Jane is nothing like how Mr. Rochester treats Jane. To St. John, Jane is just another one of his sisters. Yes he asked her to marrying him but it wasn't for love it was for an image. In the beginning his character is shown as a caring, kind brother but then toward the...
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