Jane Eyre

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  • Published : December 15, 2013
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Jane Eyre is a gothic novel. A gothic novel contains an atmosphere of gloom, terror, or mystery. Jane Eyre is a gothic novel because it contains elements of gloom and horror. One element of a gothic novel is that the uncanny challenges reality, and causes the character to believe in supernatural beings. The first example of this is when Jane is at Thornfield. Jane has left to mail a letter and is returning to Thornfield when she sees something. She believes it to be a gytrash, which is a spirit that comes in the form of a horse, mule, or big dog that takes solitary walks. Then she sees a man and realizes that her imagination was what caused her to see a gytrash. Another element of a gothic novel is an isolated exotic setting. Thornfield is a secluded mansion. It is two miles away from the nearest village and two hours away from the nearest town. Thornfield also contains a secret room on the third floor. Behind a tapestry on the third floor, there is a door which leads to the room where Bertha is kept. Events also occur in Thornfield and they are violent. The first event is when Rochester’s bed is set on fire with him in it. The next event is when Mr. Mason is attacked by something on the third floor. Also someone comes into Jane’s room before her wedding and rips her veil after trying it on. Mr. Rochester tells Jane that Grace Poole is to blame for these events, but she does not understand why Grace is never punished for her crimes. There also seems to be a secret in which Mr. Rochester is haunted by. Jane is unaware of what haunts him, but everything that goes on in Thornfield is somehow connected to his secret. When Mr. Mason is attacked, there is a bloody mess, but also there is no talking allowed between Jane and Mason, which enforces the idea of a secret. Another element of a gothic novel is the disturbing relationship between two things that are usually separate. The relationship between the dream world and reality is shown in Jane Eyre. The night...
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