Jane Eyre

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In “Jane Eyre”, the writer, Charlotte Bronte, wanted to convey, through Jane's desolate childhood, that loneliness is a perceptive battle. A battle which can be faced and overcome if one possesses faith and determination. A battle that continuously reappeared in Jane’s life; when she was at Gateshead, Lowood, and eventually Thornfield. Through Jane’s lonely childhood, Bronte was able to, ultimately, shape the meaning of the awe-inspiring bildungsroman, as a whole.

Jane, a lonely ten years old child who believed that her family was dead, was treated as an outcast by her aunt, Mrs. Reed. To make things worst Jane was regularly abused by her psychopathic and prodigal fourteen year old cousin, John Reed. Through all the abused that Jane has to endured, alone, she was able to grow stronger. Through the anguish of having being thrown and subdued in the spectral red-room, Jane was able to gain courage and self-reliance. In the course of Jane’s life, her endeavored fairly rewarded her with love and comfort.

After Gateshead, Jane was re-located to Lowood, where she met Helen Burns, her one true friend; a friend who will finally bring Jane gratification. Helen Burns would also be the one that brings fulfillment to Jane’s life; the one that would teach Jane’s compassion and forgiveness, and brought fought Jane’s moral change. No longer would Jane have to take on this lonely endeavor. Unfortunately, Helen Burns died and once again Jane is left in loneliness. After completing her education Jane became a governess. Eventually, Jane sought to work as a governess in Thornfield, teaching Adele Varens, a young French girl.

Jane seems to have finally found a home at Thornfield. Jane had met Mr. Rochester, who implies social change in Jane’s life. Jane and Mr. Rochester become in love. It appeared as though Jane would no longer be alone. It seems she would no longer be alone. However, her expectations are crushed when she discovers Rochester is married and she runs...
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