Jan Tschichold

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Jan Tschichold

Jan Tschichold typographer of the 20th century was born on April 2nd, 1902 in Leipzig, Germany. His father Franz Tschichold was a script writer. Where, Jan first encountered typography while assisting his father with his work. At age 14 he became an illustration teacher to make a living since his parents thought he couldn't make a living being a painter. Toward the end of his teaching in 1914 he visited the World's Fair for books and graphics which started his interest in calligraphy. In 1919 he was accepted into the typography class of Professor Hermann Delitsch were he learned engraving, copperplate, woodcutting, wood engraving, and book binding. Jan visited his bauhaus in 1924 which influenced him to place more emphasis on arrangement than on graphics. Through 1926 he designed covers and title typefaces for Insel publishing house. Then moved to Munich where he taught typography and calligraphy at the School of Applied Arts. Then, he was forced out of Germany to Switzerland due to the Nazi party and started working at Basel School of Applied Arts. He went to London in 1946 where he began to rework the typographic form for Penguin Books. While working for Penguin Books he set strict typesetting rules for proper printing. Then he published “In the Service of the Book” to detail these guidelines. During that same year he was named an honorary member of the London Double Crown Club, a group of English typographers and printers. Before his death in August 11th, 1974 he wrote “Master Book of Typefaces” and “ Arbitrary Measurement Relations of the Book Page”. He also visited the USA to give talks at many places such as Harvard and Yale universities. While in the USA he designed typefaces on one of the first photo-typesetting machines. He designed fonts such as Sabon and Iwan Stencil. Through out Jan Tschichold's life he wrote many books relating to typography. He wasn't just a typographer, he was an influencial artist of the 20th century....
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