Jan Lokpal Bill

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Jan Lokpal Bill

The Jan Lokpal Bill, also referred to the Citizen's Ombudsman Bill, is an anti-corruption bill drafted and drawn up by civil society activists in India seeking the appointment of a Jan Lokpal, an independent body to investigate corruption cases. This bill also proposes improvements to the Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill 2011,which was to be passed by Lok Sabha in December 2011. The Jan Lokpal Bill aims to effectively deter corruption, compensate citizen grievances, and protect whistle-blowers. The prefix Jan (translation: citizens) signifies that these improvements includes inputs provided by "ordinary citizens" through an activist-driven, non-governmental public consultation. Background

The word Lokpal was coined in 1963 by L.M. Singhvi, a Member of Parliament during a debate in Parliament about grievance redressal mechanisms. His son Dr. Abhishek Singhvi was head of the Parliament standing committee reviewing the bill[5] but later resigned from the post after a sex-tape controversy.[6] In order to draw the attention of the government, a focused campaign "India Against Corruption" (IAC) was started in 2011. Anna Hazare is the head of civil society and the IAC movement. Being a foreground for Jan Lokpal campaign. Through these collaborative efforts till August 2011, IAC was able to upload the 23rd version of Jan Lokpal Bill draft.[7] Lokpal Bill

The Lokpal Bill was first introduced by Shanti Bhushan in 1968[8] and passed the 4th Lok Sabha in 1969. But before it could be passed by Rajya Sabha, the Lok Sabha was dissolved and the bill lapsed.[9] Subsequent versions were re-introduced in 1971, 1977, 1985, 1989, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2005 and in 2008,[10] but none of them were passed. In 2011, during the Parliament's Winter Session, the Lok Sabha passed the controversial Lokpal Bill, but could not be passed by Rajya Sabha due to shortage of time in the winter session of 2011. Government has not put Lokpal bill again in Rajya Sabha [11] Timeline and cost

The Lokpal Bill has been introduced in the Parliament a total of eight times since 1968. * 1968 – 3 lakh[12] (300,000)
* 1971 – 20 lakh (2 million)
* 1977 – 25 lakh (2.5 million)
* 1985 – 25 lakh
* 1989 – 35 lakh (3.5 million) – PM under lokpal
* 1996 – 1 crore (10 million) – PM under lokpal
* 2001 – 35 crore (350 million) – PM under lokpal
* 2011 – 1700 crore[12] (17 billion)
* 2012 - 2000 crore[12] (20 billion)
Key features of proposed bill
Some important features of the proposed bill are:[1]
1. To establish a central government anti-corruption institution called Lokpal, supported by Lokayukta at the state level. 2. As is the case with the Supreme Court of India and Cabinet Secretariat, the Lokpal will be supervised by the Cabinet Secretary and the Election Commission. As a result, it will be completely independent of the government and free from ministerial influence in its investigations. 3. Members will be appointed by judges, Indian Administrative Service officers with a clean record, private citizens and constitutional authorities through a transparent and participatory process. 4. A selection committee will invite short-listed candidates for interviews, the video recordings of which will thereafter be made public. 5. Every month on its website, the Lokayukta will publish a list of cases dealt with, brief details of each, their outcome and any action taken or proposed. It will also publish lists of all cases received by the Lokayukta during the previous month, cases dealt with and those which are pending. 6. Investigations of each case must be completed in one year. Any resulting trials should be concluded in the following year, giving a total maximum process time of two years. 7. Losses to the government by a corrupt individual will be recovered at the time of conviction. 8. Government office-work required by a citizen that is not completed within a prescribed time period will result in Lokpal...
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