Jamie Turner

Topics: Motivation, Decision making, Cognition Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Problem Statement
Jamie Turner joined the MLI Company as vice president for marketing and sales. Things seemed going well until Jamie made a decision of price-cutting strategy to increase company’s sales volume. Cardullo who is president of MLI didn’t agree with that decision and they continually had conflicts with each other after that. They were really negative influence the workplace and the company.

In the case, there are five major conflicts between Jamie and Cardullo: 1.Then new computerized system layout
2.Jamie sale of excess-inventory halogen bulbs at below the break- even point 3.Cardullo decide to send Tim Kelly to Kansas City one day a week 4.Jamie pressed Cardullo about obtaining more generators to expand MLI’s mobile lighting business 5.The new pricing scheme planed by Cardullo

Next are my opinions why they have continually conflicts with each other: VABE
I have learned form this class that different people with different values, assumptions, believes and expectations will lead conflicts. If there is a gap between what we observe and what we expect, we have a problem. (Why people behave the way they do) I can see the different VABEs between Jamie and Cardullo form the case of Jamie Turner at MLI, Inc. This is reason why they had conflicts with each other. As the Case said, Jamie left previous company Wolf River because he felt himself stagnating in product management and started to think about moving on. His value is to pursuit of high social status and autonomy. So when he entered the MLI, he attempts to show himself in front of others and let upper supervisor accept his ability. He soon began building a product management capability and recruited persons to create a productive team. He is also arrogant, Jamie had the impression that he knew more about the specific than Cardullo did after they finished the interview. However, Cardullo worked for the company for long period, otherwise he is a senior in this company. He needs...
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