Jamestown vs. Plymouth

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  • Published : October 20, 2010
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Although three of the European settlements in early 1600’s North America during the early 1600’s were founded by different people groups withfor different motives and on different principles, they held many similarities. in addition to their contrasts. Jamestown, Virginia, was founded in 1607 by a group of men and young boys as a commercial project while the settlements of Plymouth and Massachusetts were to be refuges for persecuted Separatists and Puritans. The goals, environments, and backgrounds of the people who settled these areas affected ? the success and failures of their New World. Some compare with others, while others differ from the rest.                 The first settlement founded in North America by the English was Jamestown., Virginia. As previously mentioned, Established by a group of men and boys this colony was established for the purpose of who sought to gaining wealth from the riches of the New World, however, Jamestown is considered the most unsuccessful village in America. This first colony in North America was meant to be a place where commerce would flourishbe employed. The 104 men and boys who made up the group of immigrants from England had been instructed to build a fort on a traversable river so that boats could easily bring their goods to be traded. Despite the good intentions of entrepreneurship, disorder soon followed the arrival of the new colonists.                 On a different note, a group of humble, English farmers voyaged to the New World to seek refuge from religious persecution. These people were the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims formed an agreement before setting foot in America called the “Mayflower Compact.” This accord became the foundation for the Pilgrims’ eventual success and impact on the future of the colonies. Like Jamestown, the colony of Plymouth was ravaged by death in the early months of its founding. Why? One difference between their plights, however, situations, though, was the time of year in which they...
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