Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Colonialism, English people Pages: 4 (1131 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Chpt. 2
The Unfinished Nation

The English colonization of North America was the beginning of a new world, a world that brought people from different continents, cultures, and religious backgrounds together. This new world was populated by Native American tribes, colonists, explorers, and traders from Spain, France, and the Netherlands. Of course all these different cultures could not agree on everything, which eventually lead to more colonies forming with many different bylaws. Most of these colonies had little success in the early years of their settlement due to disease and malnutrition. The Europeans soon realized the knowledge received from the Native people would be a major factor in the survival of their newly structured communities.

James I issued his charters in 1606, the London Company then sent three ships with 144 men to Virginia. The Godspeed, Discovery, and Susan Concept left in 1607 and arrived in Chesapeake Bay later that spring. Jamestown was established on a peninsula that they believed would give adequate security from other inhabitants. It turned out the land was very swampy and surrounded with a thick forest. Between the voyage over to the new world and all new diseases the Europeans were exposed to, only 38 were alive after by 1608. John Smith arrived and brought Jamestown back to it's feet by planning raids on Indian tribes for food. The people of Jamestown had hope again and started to show that they had what it took for the colony to survive.

By 1609 the London Company had changed its name to the Virginia Company along with obtaining a new charter which allowed them to try an even bigger migration. The charter sent Lord De La Warr to be the first governor. It also allowed planters to buy stocks in the company if they would immigrate at their own expense. The high hopes in the new charter started to fade when two of the nine vessels did not make it to Jamestown, one was lost during a hurricane, while the other washed ashore in...
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