James V. Meow Media and the Role of Responsibility

Topics: Negligence, Schizophrenia, School shooting Pages: 4 (1368 words) Published: November 24, 2012
James v. Meow Media and the Role of Responsibility

In James v. Meow Media Inc., Michael Carneal, an avid video-gamer, is responsible for the murder of his high school peers. Research of Carneal’s daily habits showed that the content of his video games was a potential cause of his disastrous behavior. When dealing with a minor, factors of life while approaching the level of maturity must be taken into consideration. This case shows the ease in which fingers are pointed in efforts to protect a child in need of help. Negligence was the common theme for why the affected families felt Meow Media owed a duty of care. In the case of a 14 year-old minor, the presence and the proactive nature of a parent is vital. Because Carneal’s parents failed to take the action needed to prevent such behavior, is it truly fair to say that the negligence falls on the company? This reaction will discuss the subjectivity of such cases in which responsibility is put into the hands of the undeserving.

A certain level of responsibility is expected from parents during a child’s stage of adolescence. As a child matures, various characteristics evolve that affect his or her view on life. These characteristics may be attributed to the child’s genetic traits, daily environment, or mental/emotional state. It is a parent’s duty to identify unstable features early on in the child’s life in order to protect others from any harm that could be caused. In this case, Carneal’s mental and emotional instability traced back to his kindergarten years. His feeling of alienation began as early as those years. As he recalls wanting to bring a gun to school for show-and-tell, Carneal stated, “Of course, I didn't have access to a gun, so it was not realistic ("School shooter Michael," 2010).” Such depraved thoughts and hermit behavior can be detected in its premature stages and treated to minimize the risk of violence.

Following the shooting, Carneal underwent a series of mental examinations....
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