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Topics: United States, United States Constitution, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 12 (2015 words) Published: May 30, 2013

Use each key term below in a sentence that shows the meaning of the term.

1.jus sanguinis, jus soli

2.separate-but-equal doctrine



5.expatriation, citizen

6.de jure segregation, de facto segregation


8.naturalization, denaturalization

9.Jim Crow laws

10.deportation, alien

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


____11.Which is the MOST accurate description of the way minority groups historically have been treated in the United States? |a. |with complete equality | |b. |with reluctance to accept their equality | |c. |with a sincere recognition of their cultural differences | |d. |with willing acceptance of immigrants, but only forced acceptance of those minorities already residing in the United | | |States |

____12.In regard to the issue of equality, the Constitution states that |a. |all people are equal in all ways. | |b. |slaves should be equal to free people. | |c. |no person can be denied equal protection of the laws. | |d. |government cannot draw distinctions between persons and groups. |

____13.With _____, the Federal Government hopes to overcome effects of past discrimination. |a. |affirmative action | |b. |de facto segregation | |c. |reverse discrimination | |d. |denaturalization |

____14.A person can become a citizen of the United States by all of the following means EXCEPT |a. |being born in the United States. | |b. |being born beyond American jurisdiction to American parents. | |c. |by an act of Congress or a treaty. | |d. |illegally crossing the Mexican border into Texas. |

____15.Over time, the makeup of the American population has become |a. |more diverse. | |b. |more stable. | |c. |less heterogeneous. | |d. |less ethnic. |

____16.In the past, women have been denied which of the following? |a. |the right to own property | |b. |educational opportunities...
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