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My internship was conducted in James Finlay Kenya Limited. It is situated in Kericho. I was attached for duration of 12 weeks, that is, from 3rd May to 31st July 2010

James Finlay (K) Limited
P. O. Box 71
Kericho 20200
Kericho 20155-9
Mobile No 0722202365/6
The company is located in Southern Rift valley, Kericho District, six kilometers eastwards from Kericho town. I was Offered a placement at finance Department (Leaf Tea accounts),for a period of three month my Host supervisor Being Rose Koech holding a position of senior Assistant Accountant.


The Swire group.
John Swire and sons Limited, with its headquarters in London is Swires’ Parent Company. John Swire &sons limited through James Finlay, has substantial agriculture interest in Africa and India subcontinents.

James Finlay was founded in 1750 and it is one of the world’s best –known and respected tea company, with operations ranging from “tea bush” to “teacup”. The tea company wholly owned by john Swire &son’s Ltd has extensive plantation interest in East Africa and the Indian sub continents, which are complimented by global tea trading, and packaging and tea extraction processes that add value to the base leaf tea products

The Swire group bought 100%shares of the then Africa Highlands produce company limited (AHP) in the year 1999 and thus changed its name to James Finlay (K) Ltd. James Finlay produces over 60 million kilos of black tea yearly from its plantation in Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The Africa Highlands Produce Company Limited
The company was initially called the AHP Company Limited and later changed to James Finlay (K) Ltd in 1994. AHP Company is a wholly subsidiary of James Finlay Company, a public quoted on the London stock Exchange with its head office in Glasgow, UK.

AHP started growing tea in Kericho in 1925 on land, which was acquired from British East Disabled Co-operative, which had made unsuccessful attempt to grow flax commercially. Kericho some 300 kilometers west of Nairobi, is ideally situated for growing tea, Its situated in the equator 2167m above sea level and enjoys favorable rainfall pattern influenced by proximity to lake Victoria . The soil is reach with very high organic content. The company land is a contiguous unit extending some 10972 ha in Kericho and Bureti Districts. AHP is a multinational company, which owns similar establishments in, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

In 1926, the first tea was planted, on what is known as Tiluet estate. By 1930 the initial planting had swelled in area to 3200acres and the first tea factory Chomogonday was commissioned in 1929. It followed two more factories; Kitumbe and Saosa that was commissioned in 1934 and 1935 respectively.

At JKF, the formation of applied research department saw the initiation  of a tea breeding program, the result of which have done much improve the yields and quality , both in extension and replanted areas. In post independence times the company played significant role in helping the development of tea in the district.


Communication flows in two forms:

1) Internal form: - drill-down and down-up forms of communication.

2) External form:-to suppliers, customers, government agencies, competitors.

In the communication pyramid communication flows Top-down as shown below;

Top management i.e. executives &directors.

Operational managers, field and factory managers

Middle level staff i.e. accounts, field &factory assistants,

Factory laborers’ and workers i.e. graded and ungraded workers.

Subordinate staff gets to air their views through trade unions that negotiate with the top management and Collective Bargaining Agreements are reached concerning...
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