James Bulger

Topics: Murder of James Bulger, New Strand Shopping Centre Pages: 6 (2457 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The James Bulger case that shook Britain has gone down in history as one of the most horrific, and disturbing abductions in England. Friday afternoon of the 12th of February 1993 a 2 year old goes missing in a local shopping center in Bootel near Liverpool, his name was James Patrick Bulger. Despite the massive search to find the young 2 year old no one would expect the horrific outcome. This murder ignited an unprecedented wave of fury throughout the nation making this a crime that shook Britain.

Denise Bulger and her son James were with a family friend walking downtown in Bootel. Denise regally visited this place as her bus stopped right outside of the shopping center. Denise was holding hands with her son when they visited a butcher shop inside Bootel. Whilst Denise was concentrating on gathering her money to pay for her meat she was not paying attention, it only took seconds. James Bulger disappeared from sight. It was in this moment that Denise Bulger’s life changed for the worse.

For a child to go missing is not unheard of in shopping centers, but when a child is missing and has not turned up the police are immediately informed and are to the scene, Denise claimed that her and James were out to the butchers and James ran off and went missing they looked extremely hard yet they couldn’t find him, she was panicking for the search of the young boy, every second that goes by the search increases and intensifies in the shopping center and around Bootel, outside the shopping center are main busy roads and he was just waiting to be found, no one would have thought he would have been kidnapped.

The officers decide to widen their search for the young boy by looking in canals that he may have fallen into and scrap yards because Bootel is such a built up place it’s hard to find something when it’s been lost for hours it’s like trying to find a piece of hay in a stack of needles. Meanwhile Denise is taken into the police station and is shown many pairs of child’s shoes that have been found by officers. A day passes and James seems to be lost forever and his parents remained at the police station worrying franticly because 24 hours is a long time for a young child to be lost in a city.

The police had received the first major lead, a short clip from a CCTV camera of three children two of which are holding the hands of a young boy, the two boys were suspected to be the age from thirteen to fourteen, it wasn’t a clear recording of this video and there had been many young toddlers with their parents and other children walking through the shopping center on this day.

The mother claimed that it was James and she tried to comfort her knowledge that James was in the presents of other children and she knew that another child wouldn’t hurt a young toddler of James’s age, there was very grainy video CCTV footage of all three of them but it still reveled that James was walking away from the butcher shop led by the two young boys but still the footage is poor to tell for sure. The officers resolve to the media and ask the public for any information.

Another day passes and there is no further information so all the Buglers can do is wait and hope that James is found safe. The police had a wide search for two boys from the age ten to eighteen but they concentrated on boys from the age of fourteen, despite the help from the locals and police searches the next following day brings horrific and triadic news.

BBC News “Protected under a police tent lies the body of a young boy found today by some children playing on a railway embankment.” 1993 Sunday February 3rd The police were then faced with a massive man hunt for two young boys also the press had contributed to the search. James Bulger was found 48 hours later after leaving his mother’s side in the shopping center of Bootel. James was only weeks away from his third birthday.

James was discovered with the most catastrophic injures, the killers inflicted 42 injuries...
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