James Baldwin

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: December 11, 2012
The Fire Next Time
By: James Baldwin
“The Fire Next Time” a great piece of literature written by James Baldwin, discussed the racial times of the past, present and what leads to the near future. This book was assigned to the class to discuss the religious views Baldwin shows to the readers, starting from his childhood and leading to his adulthood. At first I thought this book was boring but the emotion that James puts in, really draws the reader to dwell on the religious aspect of life is and how it has affected us throughout history. The book has two parts: one is where Baldwin writes a letter to his nephew and discusses the racial situation in which the boy finds himself in and the other part is where the majority of the book takes place. This is where James pours his knowledge of white Christians and how they are seen in religion and it also discusses the pros and cons of Jews, Muslims, and blacks of the time. As a young black man Baldwin grew up in Harlem and it discusses the hard times he went through as an adolescent. He found that the church was his refuge and later on he became a Pentecostal preacher, but quickly realized the hypocrisy in the Church at the time. Christians, who are supposed to love one another as they do themselves, instead subjugate and repress a portion of their population, relegating the blacks to a lower class state while at the same time revealing glaring hypocrisy between the way that they preached and the way that they behave. At this point I was really in disagreement with Baldwin because he was only subjugating a portion of the white economy and not taking the whole economy into consideration. Not all white citizens at the time were repressing the colored population (including African-Americans, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, European and etc.), places like Harlem and other cities surrounded by racial crimes and hate, were what Baldwin was sharing, but I felt that since he grew up there, then that was how the country was too...
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