James and Catholics

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James and the Catholics
James was the son of Mary Queen of Scots. She was a Catholic. Not a very decent mother. Was not present during James childhood. Tried to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth1 but failed. James witnessed the death of his Mother’s lover by his father. He was also kidnapped by opposition who wanted to take over the Scottish crown. Gave Catholics hope that he would favour them. They forgot that he was raised by Protestants and was a Protestant himself. Married Anne of Denmark. Gave the impression that he was willing to support Catholicism. He did not intend to persecute the Catholics – Letter to Salisbury

Had no toleration for Catholics
He signed the Treaty Of London – ending war with Spain. Made the Catholics feel he was bending towards them
War was expensive and dragging on
James wanted to be Rex Pacificus – Peacemaker King. He wanted to be the link with Catholicism and Protestant. Treaty Of London annoyed some Catholics. They felt betrayed by the Spanish. They went for more direct self action Group of people decide to blow up James and Commons in Houses Of Parliament. It is said that Salisbury knew all along about the plot.

Gun Powder was stored in one of the chambers under the Commons House Guy Fawkes was to light it.
Was caught before he could light it
Taken to tower of london and tortured
Plot made James scared
Became very harsh to catholics
Priests were banished
Ordered the collection of recusancy - refusal to submit to established authority; originally the refusal of Roman Catholics to attend services of the Church of England. MPs were annoyed by the plot

Catholics were made to pledge an oath of allegiance to James. This singled out those who did not want to attend the Church of England and would cause James problems
James was not very horrible to the Catholics.
He was aware that only a small minority of people would not pledge allegiance and he would deal with them Puritans left for...
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