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1.What market gap Jamcracker model is trying to address?

Jamcracker from its initial days has been working on expanding its product and service offering to render to the gap in the market. Chandra with fellow entrepreneurs worked on the innovative and disruptive technology from the beginning. Before reinventing as Jamcracker, as, Exodus the company had developed a substantial IT infrastructure market and were working on leveraging the web technology with that. The service was highly reliable and cost-effective, considering the economic downturn; it was an effective substitute for the company's in-house IT system. The next level development worked on migrating from the local installation to network and made it efficient. And with this, the concept of Application Service Providers started, and this was implemented in tools like e-mail, word processing and others. -This gave the possibility of operating from remote location with secured data storage. -Being a standard offering of the service, the team could give 24*7 support and maintain the quality. -It helped decrease the time to set up and reduce service repair cost and gave the company enough time and liquidity to concentrate on more R&D. Jamcracker also brought in the concept of integrating multiple ASP services by different vendors; it made sure the data transfer between the services is compatible and doesn’t affect the operation. As mentioned about the SME’s, the top 5000 companies that couldn’t have had capital to set up their own IT infrastructure or those companies could not afford to lose on system failure, Jamcracker was a failsafe service package with flexible tariff on the fees. Chandra looked at that as another opportunity, being at the center of the network of customers and the vendors, and that would grow the business effectively.

2.How viable is the business model?

Jamcracker was in business of supplying services in a consolidated package to customer. As a pioneer the market that...
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